About Us

The idea came along after the Designer, who is also a healthcare professional, while interacting with patients by their bedsides, thought of birthing a jewelry line that would not only be for great gifting, but will be a line where family members can share special moments and memories with loved ones while visiting them at the hospital. The Designer created the line as a thank you to all the patients over the years!!

Take your hospital gifting to the next level. Instead of your typical candies, that would raise the blood glucose level of your loved one, or flowers that would die in few days, you now have beautiful and meaningful way to either welcome the new mom who just give birth to her first child. Or you can send a grandmother away in beautiful jewels that the daughter and granddaughter all own a sentimental piece which would always be a conversational piece during any family gathering and can be handed down from generation to generation.

Bedside Message Jewels can also be gifted for wedding anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, Valentines, Just because, and just about any occasion you would like the memory to linger on forever!

A Line Truly From the Heart!!